We Buy

We have 60 kilts 55 pairs of trews and 35 sporrans unlisted. Please contact us with your search and we can check the latest stock for you

We are always very keen to buy in Highland Dress of quality and distinction in good condition. We are offered many items but select only those which meet the exacting standard for Ministry of Tartan customers. “Many have called but few are chosen”
That auld unloved kilt lingering in the far corner of the potting shed where the moth holes are holding hands and defying gravity may possibly just about qualify within the  definition of highland dress . We do fear however that it may perhaps only benefit those attendees seeking to comply with the rigorously imposed and indeed retina punishing dress code at this year’s Scarecrow Ball held in the top field.
Actually, laconic mirth aside… but please don’t tell anyone…we do actually like handed down family kilts that have been much  previously enjoyed and which are  slightly  weary with personally- acquired  reminders and scars of good times, but we don’t sell them so cannot buy them in.
The prominent line in the heather however is if your kilt has a label signifying what wash number should be used, possesses a gossamer-like weight with minimalist pleats  and veritably rustles with static then despite its no doubt admirable utility and  tangible guide as to  laundering, it’s not for us.


  • Kilts, trews and jackets, should be 100% wool and in good condition. Please tell us what age you think the items are and indeed if possible from where they were acquired and also the kilt maker if known. Always helpful stuff
  • Detailed photos are a pre-requisite; please send through to us in pairs not all at once to assist our iPads



  • What is the waist size on the smallest holes
  • What is the drop from waist to knee
  • Are there any moth holes; hold the kilt upside down and hold each section up to the light
  • How many pleats are there
  • What depth; use a ruler
  • Ideally what weight is it on scales
  • Do you know the tartan; always helpful with esoteric special weaves!



  • Waist size but so a chap can breathe!
  • Inside leg
  • Do they have a fishtail back
  • Do they have belt loops
  • Weight in general terms.



  • Type
  • Label size
  • Measure armpit to armpit with the jacket buttoned. Double it and take off two inches to obtain the correct chest size
  • Inner sleeve armpit to cuff
  • Back length from top of collar

And thank you… it greatly helps us to assess the kit that is offered