So how do I buy from you?

We have 60 kilts 55 pairs of trews and 35 sporrans unlisted. Please contact us with your search and we can check the latest stock for you


1. Send us a product enquiry email

2. We calculate the fully insured and trackable postage fees and the PayPal fee

3. We send you a PayPal Money Request (if outside the UK) and you pay us via PayPal and we send off the item(s) to you and email you the tracking number. In the UK we give you the bank details for a bank transfer

4. Postage costs? All depends of course on the item and the weight ...kilts can vary…and the country. The US, Canada and Australia to send a fully insured trackable kilt on average is about £28 and in the UK its £11 Special Delivery

5. How long does it take? US, Canada and Australia takes about two weeks. UK Special Delivery is next day delivery

6. Shhhhhh (to be read with crossed fingers please) …we have never had a parcel go astray anywhere in the world in 9 years.