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Ministry of Tartan

We have 60 kilts 55 pairs of trews and 35 sporrans unlisted. Please contact us with your search and we can check the latest stock for you

Based in elegant Helensburgh near the shores of Loch Lomond, Ministry of Tartan uniquely supplies high quality gently pre-owned and indeed new Highland Dress to customers all over the world.

Ministry of Tartan always has a huge stock of originally tailor made kilts for sale with a wide variety of tartans and sizes.

Why pay between £500 and now £800 (!) for a new heavyweight quality kilt when most of our pre-owned kilts of the same quality are under £200?

Please look at our stock list for details the kilts we currently have for sale. We can have a kilt to you in a few days!

Our stock is always changing so if you can't see what you want just send us an email.

What we like...good Scottish handmade handsome heavyweight kilts which can possibly be new (we often have cancelled orders from top kilt makers or lovely vintage kilts that can vary in age but are in great condition All beautiful kilts of top quality so the pleats swing as you walk (or is that strut?) down the road.

Even if we don't have what you want then we can also have wonderful kilts made to measure for you for about £395 by our master kilt maker whose kilts are sold by High Street tailors for well over £600!

What we don't like...machine made imported fun kilt nasties of flimsy weight and material that are a disgrace and should not be worn at all. Ugh! Buy a good kilt and it will last forever

Can I wear any tartan?

As the late, great kilt maker Bernard O'Hagan of Inveraray said ? Wear whatever tartan you want and whatever kilt fits you as there are no Tartan Police.? Bernard was a wonderful advocate of wearing any tartan rather than being straight jacketed into the Victorian ill-conceived nightmare of fixed tartans

How can I buy Highland Dress from Ministry of Tartan ?

Send us an email. Payment is  UK : bank transfer or Paypal or Visa via PayPal and Abroad PayPal or Visa via PayPal


" I have a kilt query

" I don't know what sporran I should wear

" What type of jacket should I wear when?

Then just send us an email and we'll advise you for free on your Highland Dress etiquette queries

Buying or we can sell for you on Commission

Please do contact us if you have good quality Highland Dress to sell as we are always interested in buying appropriate stock. Or indeed we are very happy to sell for you on commission and advertise your highland dress to our customers world wide to achieve a sale

Finally, and most importantly of all, what's beneath the kilt?