The Ministry Rant

We have 60 kilts 55 pairs of trews and 35 sporrans unlisted. Please contact us with your search and we can check the latest stock for you

quote petis hic est

Our prime concern is style and fit. Your well-cut kilt must fit so that the pleats swing with you as you walk or is that strut down the street. It must of course be 100% wool and should be 16 oz.

“That  sense of being well-dressed in a good kilt gives a feeling of inward tranquility which some say religion is powerless to bestow"

We get invited by many and various sources to buy formerly owned and indeed new uncollected kilts but our standards are high and we buy only the very best. Many have called but few are chosen.

Sadly there is so much tartan rubbish out there. We insist that our clients look good, feel proud and are at ease knowing that they are confidently wearing the kilt as opposed to the kilt wearing them a new suit on young CID officer! Heaven forbid, but it can happen all too often.

Scottish cognoscenti that know the finer points of highland dress will look at you and will analyse your kilt in seconds to see if it passes muster. Ours do of course. There is a right way and wrong way in so many things. Those that know and those that don't know don't need to know. Go to a few weddings and you will see for yourself.

There are no tartan police and no enforced regulations but merely established traditions which you flout albeit unwittingly at your peril as folk will see through you.

Two Golden Rules? Never ever wear a tartan tie with trews or a kilt. It simply isn't done my dear. And only pipers or boys wear white or cream socks. This notion grew up in the hire trade in the 1960's simply for ease of renting kit. You should wear solid colour hose perhaps with dicing on the top to match your kilt or if your budget stretches that far (thus £190+) you should wear tartan hose that actually match your kilt for dress occasions.

People recognise that we at Ministry of Tartan are synonymous with appropriate style, ultimate quality and well-established traditions but yet at a price which is still within budget. And yes of course you may perhaps find cheaper somewhere but as Sir Henry Royce of Rolls Royce said "quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.

This is the very reason why we have many hundreds of folk around the world who watch our site weekly and seek our advice because they like what we have, who we are and feel an empathy with our approach which they know they can trust. Over the last nine years we have sent kilts literally all over the entire globe; everywhere in the UK from the very very North of Scotland to the smart millionaire mews in the West End of London and indeed all over the world. From the British High Commission in Lagos in North Africa to Monaco, throughout Europe and America even Hawaii and Argentina and down under in Australia. You name it and we will have despatched there!

"Quod petis hic Est “said the Roman poet Horace "What you seek is here".In terms of size and quality. But if it’s not tell us and within a month generally for about  £400 we will have a £700 quality kilt made for you with flashes Not some tissue paper nasty but a kilt that you will wear and hand down in the family to your son. Well- made kilts last forever.

To paraphrase William Morris We don't own kilts, we are merely trustees for those that come after!

So between Horace, William Morris and William Wallace and indeed us you really won't go far wrong!