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We have 60 kilts 55 pairs of trews and 35 sporrans unlisted. Please contact us with your search and we can check the latest stock for you


In essence, ignoring military kit there are four types of sporran
Again there are no enforced rules or tartan police. You can wear what you wish (if you really must!) ,  but if you don’t want to flout convention we invite you to follow our guide.
Day Sporran
Black or brown leather of simple design such that you could walk through the glen. With or without tassels. Ideally with all leather  sporran strap as opposed to sporran  belt being links and leather ends
Semi dress sporran   
Black or brown leather with short fur. Even a mask sporran i.e. pine marten if plain. Generally slightly more elaborate than a day sporran.  Worn for say lunchtime drinks or lunch or Church or informal suppers.

Dress sporran
“No silver before 6pm” is the general rule so very much an evening sporran only please not walking in the hills or daytime activities
Please avoid imported pressed cantle dress sporrans. It’s a veritable bête noir with us that  people often have such lovely kilts but yet mar their appearance by an imported sporran that has just trotted off the shelf
Buy a nice old sporran that has that family look. See our guide on sporran chains
White Tie or a Ball
A more formal sporran rather like a long hairy piper’s sporran..