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There are 7 main types of kilt jacket

1. The Prince Charlie and vest: worn for Black tie Dinners and weddings.

2. The Black Argyll with / without vest: worn for any occasion with either black bow tie or a blade tie depending on the occasion

3. The Tweed Argyll: with / without vest: worn for day wear formally with a blade tie (not a tartan tie matching the kilt AAARRRHHH) or informally

In addition there are variations of the dress jacket worn when the Charlie would otherwise be worn

   - Regulation Doublet with front and back (but at the angle) Inverness cat flaps as they are known. Always so very smart
   - Montrose Doublet double breasted with throat lace ruff. Perhaps more for more formal Balls but always a  good  sight
   - Sheriffmuir  Jacket again more for Balls really

And finally, the velvet Smoking Jacket: simply glorious and the best worn (and hugely admired) with trews whatever the nature of the evening occasion.
Such jacket is much favoured by cognoscenti at Drinks Receptions, Dinners, and Gallery Openings etc. It is a huge favourite in the aesthetic formal social corridors and Clubs of Edinburgh and London as the trews jacket of choice.
The absolute ultimate being double breasted with the traditional frogging and toggles. Or the version with the rounded black front satin shawls certainly carries the look.
It takes a certain type of gentleman to carry off such a stylish mien, but you can of course which is why you favour MoT. Such jackets can cost up to £2.5k to have made; but not if you acquire one through us.