Pre Owned Kilt Stock

A handmade, handsome heavyweight kilt is what you should look for...

Kilt377 1 Highland Brigade shoes 8 We rarely get these great HB style officer shoes in leather not nasty patent. As new worn 3 times. Better than ghillies as you dont trip as you dance £75 View
Kilt513 View
Kilt516 View
Kilt533 View
Kilt531 Tbc 41 44 25 A great Geoffrey Tailor kilt so always reliable Vibrant tartan Long straps £185 View
Kilt344 Modern Macrae 20 / 2 17 New properly made kilt SOLD View
Kilt346 Gordon 20 / 2 11 New sweet wee properly made kilt. Gorgeous ! SOLD View
Kilt349 Douglas 20 / 2 16 New properly made kilt SOLD View
Kilt311 Lamont 21 23 17.5 small mend £22 View
Kilt327 HLI Mackenzie 22 15 Sweet wee kilt made by Highland Infantry Infantry regimental kiltmaker for officers son 1954 SOLD View
Kilt345 Moderm Macrae 22 / 2 20 New properly made kilt £55 View
Kilt347 Gordon 22 24 13 New properly made kilt £55 View
Kilt326 Hunting Stewart 23/25 16 This is a proper formal weight bespoke kilt. No inner strap but not needed anyway SOLD View
Kilt330 Macpherson 23/25 19.5 good example of a vintage well made kilt £35 View
Kilt418 Ancient Gordon 24 25 16.5 A sweet wee kilt SOLD View
Kilt483 Anc Hunting Mcloud 24 25 17 Lovely kilt £45 View
Kilt352 Royal Stewart 24/26 20 Nicely made real kilt SOLD View
Kilt310 Perth purple/maroon 25/27 22 felted wool so unusual SOLD View
Kilt350 Douglas 26 / 2 19 In mint condition made like a real kilt should be of course £95 View
Kilt348 Douglas 26 28 19 New properly made kilt idyllic £75 View
Kilt462 Macgillivary Modern 26 28 22 A lovely great weight bespoke made kilt. Wonderful colours. Ask for photo SOLD View
Kilt484 Stuart of Bute 26 28 18.5 A wonderful properly made kilt. Smaller kilts are so often mere imitations. This is however a proper bespoke made kilt. A delight . Cost £250 to have tailor made £85 View
Kilt308 Anc Mcgregor 26/28 19.5 Thomas Gordon with matching hose great weight. Hose would have cost over £100 anyway! £110 View
Kilt414 Ancient Dress Mackenzie 27 28 25 Lovely special weave tartan £145 View
Kilt419 Dress Mackenzie 27 29 24.5 nice special weave kilt so rare too £110 View
Kilt528 Ancient Gordon 27 29 21.5 A lovely properly bespoke made youths vintage kilt by A Caird & Sons £69 View
Kilt410 Red Robertson 28 30 27 new straps and pleats even sewn following refurb. of this vintage kilt Made by those wonderful and famous tailors Forsyths £89 View
Kilt470 Robertson 28 30 23.5 Lovely properly made kilt by Geofrey Tailor . Great pleats. Just ask for photos and we shall whizz them off to you £140 View
Kilt502 McDonald of Clanranald 28 30 24 A good solid vintage kikt by the ever reliable McCalls of Aberdeen . Ask for photo £159 View
Kilt370 Farquarson 28/29 23.5 Made by the womderful Vintage name of Forsyths...says it all of course you name it quality weight. swing..Bought in well so hence the amazing price! SOLD View
Kilt307 Gordon 28/30 23 new and heavy! Lovely swing to the pleats £160 View
Kilt336 Ancient Campbell 29 / 3 23 Nice vintage kilt which we liked so much we have had a new lining retailored for it and freshened up so its now even nicer Box pleats SOLD View
Kilt473 Robertson 29 30 23 Very nice as new kilt from Geoffrey tailor . Cost £450 nowadays £165 View
Kilt408 Royal Stewart 30 31 22 Good starter kilt in small size £100 View
Kilt412 Black Stewart 30 32 24 felted vintage kilt SOLD View
Kilt518 tbc mid green base 30 32 25.5 Fabulous kilt and yet at a great price too as bought in well. Great hues to the tartan £169 View
Kilt522 McDonald 30 32 24 Such a well made bespoke kilt and always such a popular tartan but this splendidly good hues too. Lucky future owner we say £155 View
Kilt278 Flower of Scotland 30/32 24 Medium weight and brand new! SOLD View
Kilt303 Army Royal; Stewart 30/32 24.75 Thomas Gordon kilt made for named piper of the KOSB. Unlike any other Royal Stewart kilt you have ever seen. Wow what a weight ! SOLD View
Kilt304 Gordon 30/32 23 New and lovely SOLD View
Kilt320 Hunting McGregor 30/32 24.5 Good clean really heavy kilt with wonderfully crisp pleats SOLD View
Kilt325 Modern Douglas 30/32 24 Good 13 oz kilt. Came to us cheaply with another kilt so hence bargain price for someone ! SOLD View
Kilt342 Black Watch 30/32 24 John Morrison of Edinburgh; one of our favourite tailors of course. Few moth nips but you can hardly see them due to the tartan anyway! SOLD View
Kilt416 Robertson ? 31 32 24 Good solid vintage kilt. Probably benefit from inner waist lining change after all these years SOLD View
Kilt277 Ancient McLean of Duart 31/33 21 Duncan Chisholm great weight and swing £160 View
Kilt280 McValerie 31/33 23.5 WITH PLAID and flashes. Great weight . Look at picture for tartan SOLD View
Kilt302 Erskine 31/33 23 nice old kilt good for the hills but not a smart Dinner we fear £135 View
Kilt305 Anc Lamont 31/33 26 Duncan Chisholm Inverness nice old kilt £175 View
Kilt422 Ancient Lindsay 32 25.5 Nicely made kilt by MacDonald Mackay . Enjoyed over the years £140 View
Kilt413 Hunting Mackintyre 32 33 24 13 oz weight SOLD View
Kilt427 Maclean of Duart 32 34 23 One of our most favourite kilts in stock. Just look at those pleats eh?. A truly wonderful example of vintage kilt making at its very very best WOW! SOLD View
Kilt494 Stuart of Appin 32 34 25 One of our favourite tartans. A lovely well made kilt with great swinging pleats. A delight SOLD View
Kilt497 Hunting Chisholm see photo 32 34 22.5 Such a great tartan and a great quality kilt. Small repair on front but so what ? Perfect for ceilidhs or Suppers/Dinners but not to meet the Queen. £120 View
Kilt519 Tbc mid green base blue sqrs 32 34 25.25 Such lovely hues and weight to this well made kikt. Such a great price too for such quality £169 View
Kilt271 Hunting Mackinnon 32/34 23 Tailor Cairns of Dunoon. A true great vintage kilt probably from the eayl 1960s. Lovely brown and green colours SOLD View
Kilt272 Gordon 32/34 24 new great kilt and such a nice weight SOLD View
Kilt273 Mod Macrae 32/34 23.5 What a great new crisply made heavy kilt SOLD View
Kilt274 Gunn 32/34 23.25 Such classic colours Calden tailors of Perth always good reliable kilts from this well known tailor SOLD View
Kilt276 Red Robertson x 26.75 32/34 26.75 Hector Russell. Great vintage kilt. Needs tall man about 6ft 4 inches SOLD View
Kilt301 Black Watch 32/34 25 There are so very many Black Watch kilts out there its nice for us to offer a good one up to our stnds. Good weight and pleats. Such great condition SOLD View
Kilt306 Mod Macrae 32/34 24 new kilt ! Nice weight and swing £190 View
Kilt323 Ross Muted Hunting 32/34 25.75 Such glorious brown and green muted colours. See picture SOLD View
Kilt390 Muted Wilson ? 33 35 23.5 Wow. Just look at the muted colours. Such a great sett. Wonderful head turning kilt SOLD View
Kilt456 Lyndsay 33 35 24.75 Lovely plum tartan. Great heavy kilt with flashes. Great quality and cut from Hector Russell as always of course. Just ask for photos SOLD View
Kilt517 National Tartan 33 37 24.25 Lovely bespoke kilt By Dunvegan and so well made too. Pleats that swing which comes with quality . £185 View
Kilt269 Quasi BlackWatch but not tbc 33/35 25 That wonderful tailor Connel Reid of Blairgowrie…such a great weight.. We can't quite place the tartan SOLD View
Kilt362 Ancient Muir 33/35 24 Such a great tartan. Have wee look at the photo and you will see what we mean! Made by Geoffrey of Edinburgh SOLD View
Kilt379 Hume 34 / 23.5 WOW! Cost £585 few months ago. 17/18 oz tartan specially woven. Never worn. Fiancee said clashed with her dress. Tartan / cloth absolute delight SOLD View
Kilt411 Hunting Mackintyre 34 35 24 Good medium weight SOLD View
Kilt428 Ross 34 36 24 Lovely kilt and grt mid grn tartan too. Locharron so great quality . Used once so as new . Such a great price. Tailored by Kirk Wynd. Ask for photo SOLD View
Kilt434 Macalistair ? 34 36 25 Always such a nice tartan. SOLD View
Kilt479 Hunting Ross 34 36 25 Wow! We always love to see a Campbell of Beauly kilt. Always wonderful. This has the customer bespoke label dated 1976. Tartan? Not sure. See photo SOLD View
Kilt485 Muted Anderson 34 36 24 Lovely immaculate kilt by Hector Russell with Anderson hose worth £150 and Anderson kilt pin. Bargain but you know that SOLD View
Kilt489 Pin stripe kilt 34 36 34 36 24 How very unusual for MoT to have such a kilt but it stood up to our standards and even we are in the the 21st century Well nearly anyway £159 View
Kilt491 Hunting Stewart 34 36 27 A lovely wonderful vintage kilt made by the Officers kilkt maker Thomas Gordon. Made in the days when kilts were worn v high. A high riser £95 View
Kilt505 Ancient Irvine 34 36 23.5 Stunning splendid and superb. Made by the talented Diuglas Anderson of Dumfries. Such wonderful pleats. As new. Fantastic kilt £189 View
Kilt507 Hunting Ross 34 36 24.5 One of our most favourite tartans. Just stunning. Combine this with exemplary bespoke kilt making and you have a marvellous kilt with cutting edge knife pleats. Yes WOW indeed. £185 View
Kilt509 Stewart of Appin 34 36 24.5 Always such a cracking tartan . Lovely kilt from the famed Hector Russell . Just ask for photos SOLD View
Kilt267 Maclaren 34/36 25.5 WITH PLAID Tailor Slanj of Glasgow plus kilt pin and badge . worn for a wedding and the reception . As new SOLD View
Kilt268 Scrimgeour 34/36 24.5 Locharron new kilt uncollected order special one off weave; great weight. Simply wonderful burnt orange and yellow colours. Wow £450 new SOLD View
Kilt300 Anc Robertson 34/36 24 WITH PLAID really great solid kilt SOLD View
Kilt351 Macgregor 34/36 23 Made by the much-admired High Macpherson of Edinburgh. Always such good kilts from HM. Very good cut and swing to the pleats SOLD View
Kilt363 Buchanan 34/36 23.5 Great kilt (plus Buchanan hose) made by one of our very favourite kilt makers John Morison of Edinburgh. Such quality and cut to the kilt. Wow! SOLD View
Kilt374 Anc Johnstone 34/36 25 Very nice bespoke kilt as of course expect ed from London Tlr William Graham and sons. Good price and pleats that swing as you strut down the road. SOLD View
Kilt453 MacDonald 35 36 24 (comm) lovely vintage kilt with that lovely felted wool giving soft feel SOLD View
Kilt438 Anc Lindsay 35 37 23.75 Striking tartan. Wonderful tailoring We think worn just once. Deep deep pleats so the kilt swings beautifully. One of the finest kilts we have £189 View
Kilt461 Murray of Atholl ? 35 37 24.75 Nice kilt as always from Hectur Russell. Lovely hue to the tartan .With matching tartan flashes too Ask for photo and we shall email it to you SOLD View
Kilt481 Hunting Robertson 35 37 25 We always like kilts made by the officers tailor Thomas Gordon. They have a certain look that conveys itself . SOLD View
Kilt508 Weathered MacLeod of Harris 35 37 24 A lovely rare tartan and so heavy Brown straps which are so right for this Hector Russell kilt. Few moth nips but you'd not know. Ask for pics £169 View
Kilt266 Buchanan 35/37 22 New Locharron kilt uncollected order for £510 we were thrilled to obtain. Great weight and pleats.Great kilt maker and . Wow! Nice Buchanan hues here SOLD View
Kilt338 Anderson 35/37 24 Nice close pleated kilt SOLD View
Kilt430 Russell 36 37 24 Nice weight kilt made by Hector Russell of Inverness, Why so cheap? Few minor nips but nothing serious. Great for celidhs or suppers but not to meet the Queen £108 View
Kilt490 Stewart of Appin 36 38 25 What an absolute delight. Truly lovely. 32 3.5 SOLD View
Kilt384 Anc Taylor 36 38 23 Really nice weight to this bespoke kilt. Lovely colours too SOLD View
Kilt426 Armstrong 36 38 24 Nice kilt and a tartan we rarely see too. May have been Special Weave Nice kilt nice price £185 View
Kilt441 Ancient Royal Stewart 36 38 25.5 Nice kilt with great muted colours made by the much missed Forsyths . Ask for photo £175 View
Kilt464 Lamont? 36 38 24 Lovely vintage kilt. Great family feel to it. Ask for photo £172 View
Kilt475 Like National see pic 36 38 23 Geofrey Tailor kiilt. Bought in well so hence great price . Could be larger too as double buckles to extend further £160 View
Kilt478 Orange Fraser 36 38 23.5 Nice vintage kilt made by Roberts of Glasgow. Nice feel to cloth £165 View
Kilt486 MacLaine of loch buie 36 38 24.25 Always a lovely tartan. Beautiful bespoke made kilt with cut and quality Great weight with knife pleats. Great price as bought in well £175 View
Kilt487 Galloway 36 38 23.75 Such a great tartan (just ask for pics). Well made kilt with plaid . Keep as a plaid or turn into matching waistcoat. Striking kilt of great style SOLD View
Kilt493 Black Watch 36 38 24 We get offered many BW kilts but few pass muster. This kilt was made by the trusted Geoffrey Tailor so its well cut and a pleasure. Just ask for a photo SOLD View
Kilt506 Red Menzies 36 38 23 We love this striking tartan. So eye catching and dashing yet just two colours. Ask for photos . SOLD View
Kilt353 Hunting Stewart 36/37. 23 Nice clean . Came into us at an advantageous figure so hence we can offer it at this wonderful price. Won't be here long .... SOLD View
Kilt261 Ancient Douglas 36/38 25 Double buckles so could be smaller £190 View
Kilt262 Ancient Sutherland 36/38 23 Good tartan. Nice kilt SOLD View
Kilt263 Hunting Macrae 36/38 24 WOW ! New kilt. Locharron rare strome weight of 18/20 oz. Uncollected order Very heavy indeed so pleats swing so well. One of our very best here £229 View
Kilt264 Muted Ross 36/38 24 lovely vintage kilt SOLD View
Kilt265 Dress MacDonald 36/38 25.5 WITH wonderful matching handmade hose c. size 10 which alone cost over £125. See pic for kilt and hose SOLD View
Kilt275 Locheill 36/38 25 Great colours SOLD View
Kilt312 Robertson 36/38 23 wonderful solid vintage kilt dated 1969 and in good order £185 View
Kilt371 Anc Johnstone 36/38 26 Ah ...made by the very wonderful Alex Scott of Aberdeen. We adore anything from can tell the cut and weight of the kilt from a distance, its that good! SOLD View
Kilt372 McDunlop 36/38 24 Nice red hue to the kilt. So nice to have red flashes too SOLD View
Kilt472 Mcnab ? 37 23 Nice felted wool kilt in very good order . Great price. Comm £160 View
Kilt403 Maclenan or Logan 37 38 24.5 As new wonderful v heavy kilt (18oz cloth) by Keith Scott a tailor whose bespoke quality is second to none. Great tartan too. Fabulous kilt SOLD View
Kilt530 Red Grant 37 38 23 Nice vintage felted wool kilt Vibrant tartan £165 View
Kilt253 MacQueen 37 39 24.25 Always a strong tartan n this is such a good kilt SOLD View
Kilt386 tbc see pic 37 39 25 Fabulous kilt made by kiltmaker we really like Conell Reid of Blairgowrie. Such weight and glorious colours. See pic SOLD View
Kilt389 Mackenzie muted? 37 39 23.5 Very nice kilt made by the trustworthy Clan Albanach. Came to us at godd figure so hence great price to our customers SOLD View
Kilt401 Colquhoun 37 39 24 Such a nice kilt. We doubt if its been worn more than say twice ever! Made by the trusted Geoffrey Tailor. Please ask for photos SOLD View
Kilt423 Robertson 37 39 22 Nice honest kilt £130 View
Kilt510 Tbc Red base 37 39 25.5 Such a heavy wonderfully made kilt . As new . This was a truly expensive bespoke kilt. We were thrilled to buy in this kilt. Wear it n be much admired £195 View
Kilt471 Dress Grant 37 39 22 Such nice colours. Worn just twice and so well made (C) SOLD View
Kilt448 Wallace 37 39 25.5 Lovely handmade kilt of real quality. Great pleats and good weight £185 View
Kilt501 ask for photo 37 39 25 A splendid kilt made by the respected Alex Scott.Such quality and cut is a real pleasure to see. As new. Used twice £185 View
Kilt523 Dress Mackenzie 37 39 24 So rare to see a Special weave dress Mackenzie at all and in such a good weight cloth £195 View
Kilt527 Ancient Hunting MacGregor 37 39 22 Nice almost felted wool kilt £139 View
Kilt529 Tbc 37 39 25 Nice kilt n attractive tartan too £179 View
Kilt457 Ancient MacPherson 37.5 3 24 The most stunning kilt we have ever had. A beauty. Pleated to the stripe. Tartan shimmers when the pleats swing.Well cut n dashing. Ask for photos SOLD View
Kilt369 TBC please see pic 37/38 23 Very nice heavy Geoffrey Tailor kilt made in Edinburgh Do ask to see the other picture we have too . Great value buy as we bought it in so well SOLD View
Kilt259 Robertson 37/39 23 Great solid vintage kilt £175 View
Kilt260 Hunting Hamilton 37/39 24 Such a nice green hue SOLD View
Kilt293 Army Mackenzie 37/39 26 Mint condition and the very rare box pleats SOLD View
Kilt294 Ancient Campbell 37/39 26 great colours SOLD View
Kilt295 Anc Buchanan 37/39 24 Calden of Perth. A really good kilt one of the nicest. Almost kept this one for ourselves! SOLD View
Kilt296 Army Erskine 37/39 23 wonderful vintage kilt from the Army School of Piping with Pipe Major's red/greed rosettes. Beautifully made of course SOLD View
Kilt337 Cameron of Erracht 37/39 26 Tailor MacDonald Inverness May1951. Good hiking kilt SOLD View
Kilt355 MacNaughton 37/39 25 Good weight and very good value £165 View
Kilt357 Campbell of Argyll 37/39 24 Kinloch Anderson bespoke made, the Royal Family kiltmakers. Dated with client name 7 April 1980 SOLD View
Kilt402 Mackenzie 38 23 Good colours on this Mackenzie. Nice solid kilt SOLD View
Kilt409 Anc Hunting Mackintyre 38 22.75 unual felted wool £125 View
Kilt319 Campbell of Argyll 38 /40 24 nice bespoke kilt by Edinburgh tailor. Absolute mint condition SOLD View
Kilt298 Ancient Cameron 38 39 23.5 Lovely vintage weathered colours. Needs new upper lining at some point £35? Great for ceilidhs but not to dine at Balmoral £129 View
Kilt251 Daks. . 38 40 24 Great weight n very unique kilt made DAK New with tags. Label says £565 Well made kilt by Daks in the DAKS house tartan. All very 21st century £290 View
Kilt404 Anc Mackay 38 40 23.5 Tailored by Soy Kilts of Aberdeen. Their bespoke kilts start at £400. This is like new worn once for a wedding. A real bargain. Gorgeous quality weight and bespoke handmade SOLD View
Kilt415 TBA 38 40 24.75 Ask for picture please £158 View
Kilt425 Ancient Macleod of Harris 38 40 24 Always such a nice refreshing tartan and this is a nice example SOLD View
Kilt429 See pic 38 40 24 Really well made kilt from kiltmaker in Ayr.Lovely weight and tight pleats Wonderful dark burnt orange green and black sett. Darker than the picture SOLD View
Kilt449 Gunn 38 40 25.5 Nice 14oz kilt made by the ever popular MacCalls of Aberdeen with great pleats. Such a population tartan always. We bought in well so hence the really good give away price SOLD View
Kilt458 Fraser 38 40 24.5 Mint condition lovely heavy kilt. Lovely red Fraser that glows. So very well made. Would cost £700 nowadays . SOLD View
Kilt482 Hunting Robertson 38 40 25 Such a nice well made kilt where the pleats swing together just as they should be of course. Trust us as always £185 View
Kilt496 Ancient Hunting Macintosh 38 40 24 Always such a cracking tartan Nice bespoke vintage kilt. Has some moth nips on the under apron but not visible of course when worn.Great first kilt SOLD View
Kilt504 Murray of Atholl 38 40 25 We always like this tsrtan. Nice example and nice weight too Such a lovely clean A1 kilt and with flashes too SOLD View
Kilt503 Officer Royal Stewart 38 40 24 Bespoke officer kilt still with basting stitches in place. We never get these. Wow! Four inch deep pleats . This is the best . What a weight SOLD View
Kilt520 Black Rock 38 40 25.5 Nice black kilt with feint pattern . Well made and hangs so well with good pleats £185 View
Kilt526 Tbc 38 42 23 Lovely kilt made Geoffrey Tailor a name trust two sets of top straps n buckles so great extending ability £179 View
Kilt468 Canadian maple leaf 38.5 4 25 Beautiful beautiful autumnal colours as you would from the tartan name! Great Henderson kilt. Worn onlynonce so as new. Just glorious . Ask for pic £189 View
Kilt250 Red MacGregor . 38.5/ 26 Tailor: John Morrison Edinburgh One of our very favourite tailors. Almost new £235 View
Kilt339 Ancient Dress Campbell 38/39 24 Nice Locharron cloth and so unusal to find the Ancient Dress Campbell. We rarely see this tartan £175 View
Kilt248 Graham of Menteith . 38/40 24.5 Locharron uncollected order New and wonderful. Would have cost at least £575 plus The hues and sett are just a delight. £239 View
Kilt252 Ancient Hunting Robertson 38/40 24 Good honest kilt £175 View
Kilt254 Hunting Stewart 38/40 26 Hector Russell kilt SOLD View
Kilt255 Graham of Montrose 38/40 24 WITH FLY PLAID. Great colours. We always like Graham of classic SOLD View
Kilt256 Mod Macrae 38/40 24.5 new well made kilt and at such a good price given the cut and quality. Such weight and heavy pleats that really swing. Wow ! SOLD View
Kilt257 Green Loch Assynt TBC 38/40 23 £185 View
Kilt258 Anc Macleod of Harris 38/40 23.25 Duncan Chisholm . Great solid heavy kilt. Very small professional darn SOLD View
Kilt290 Maclean 38/40 22 Thomas Gordon officers’ kilt maker. Always a delight with such swinging pleats SOLD View
Kilt299 Robertson 38/40 23 Good solid vintage kilt and very fit for purpose and good value £169 View
Kilt324 Campbell of Argyll 38/40 23 Loch Assynt made. Buckles and strap have beeen shifted to make this smaller so could be made bigger ! SOLD View
Kilt361 See pic. Nice muted colours 38/40 22.5 We always like Caldens of Perth. Wonderful kilts. A few minor moth nips (hence price) but nothing wildly obvious or toembarass. Great kilt for price £142 View
Kilt249 Lord Arran 39 41 24 WITH PLAID. Made for SAVILE ROW by Locharron as label declares . Very limited edition special kilt for US Exhibition Wonderful colours. So very rare £549 View
Kilt291 Hunting Macintyre 39 41 24 Lovely colours £159 View
Kilt398 Menzies black and white 39 41 24.5 The Modern Menzies black and white is always so very smart. Great weight classic kilt here SOLD View
Kilt385 TBC see pic 39 41 25 Lovely brushed wool 1950 kilt. Soft feel to it. A true vintage kilt SOLD View
Kilt452 Buchanan muted 39 41 23.5 Wonderfully made kilt by Thomas Gordon the officers kilt maker. Such weight. Such pleats. Stunning . Ask for photos. Long straps so v useful SOLD View
Kilt466 Colludon 39 41 24.5 Lovely kilt made by the late great and renowned Bernsrd Ohagan n of Redshank Inveraray . Lovely purple and yellow hues. Ask for photos £185 View
Kilt500 National 39 41 24 Always a popular tartan . Gently enjoyed kilt . Hangs well and good price £169 View
Kilt534 red base tbc 39 41 24 Nice semi felted softer wool which always makes for a good cloth £185 View
Kilt247 Beauly 39/ 41 23.5 Campell of Beauly, greatest tailor in the Highands Small darn. Weight 3 lbs ! SOLD View
Kilt381 Anc Muted Hntg Stewart 39/41 25 Lovely heavy kilt. Wonderful gentle colours so rarely seen. Great Glasgow Tailor MacGregor and MacDuff. Bespoke made. Gorgeous kilt SOLD View
Kilt288 Green Maclean of Duart 39/42 25.5 new mint with vibrant green colour £180 View
Kilt469 MacDonald of Clanranald 40 + 25.5 Nice hues on this very well made kilt. Bought in at a good price so hence the bargain figure. Ask for pics . Waist prof altered to this size SOLD View
Kilt242 Earl of St Andrew’s 40 /42 23 Tailor Hendersons Bridge of Weir. Unusal tartan. Medium weight SOLD View
Kilt400 Stuart of Bute 40 42 24 Always such a lovely tartan. Great kilt as new. Please ask for photo. Good heavy kilt SOLD View
Kilt417 Dress Macenzie 40 42 24 A special weave and unique tartan. Always looks so stylish at Dinners, Balls and Weddings has new liner £265 View
Kilt455 MacGregor 40 42 25 So nicely cut with great pleats . Lovely lovely kilt. Just ask for photos and we shall whizz them to you. SOLD View
Kilt460 Black Watch 40 42 24 We are often offered BW and decline. We liked this one. 14oz wool. So very cheap too. SOLD View
Kilt495 Galloway 40 42 25 We just love the bright red and royal blue hues of this tartan. Great and matching tartan hose that would cost £180 to buy alone. So what a real bargain! £255 View
Kilt498 Officer Black Watch 40 42 24 Royal Regiment of Scotland bespoke officer kiilt to named major. Removable officer green bows. As new. So rarely available £225 View
Kilt511 tbc blue base 40 42 25 A lovely kilt from one of favourite tailors Hugh Macpherson of Edinburgh. Such a nice tartan too which we must identify but ask for photos SOLD View
Kilt514 Hunting Macfarlane 40 42 23 Another cracking kilt from Duncan Chisholm of Inverness. Great hues to the tartan £189 View
Kilt515 Hunting Mod Macphail ?? 40 42 24 Nicely made kilt Small repair but hardly visible. Great price too! £179 View
Kilt521 McDonald 40 42 24.5 Lovely bespoke kilt n good weight and such marvellous condition £185 View
Kilt433 See pic 40 43 24.25 Nice Locharron kilt. Good vintage kilt n good price too £175 View
Kilt476 Mod McIntyre 40. 42 23.5 Beautifully made by Duncan Chislholmwith fly plaid and tartan hose The very top of their range. Just fab and as new. Hose alone cost £120 £255 View
Kilt341 Drummond 40/41 25 Uncollected order thus new and never worn. £500 kilt. Lovely colours and v heavy we think 9 yds kilt strome. John Morrison Edinburgh great kiltmaker SOLD View
Kilt246 Muted Hunting Lamont 40/42 24.5 WITH PLAID Tailored by Tartan Weavers; great quality tailors we know and love. Great heather colours SOLD View
Kilt245 Ancient Lamont 40/42 24.4 Hector Russell. Great weight. Pleats swing wonderfully SOLD View
Kilt244 Anc. Hunting MacGregor. 40/42 26 New and never worn ! Gorgeous. Probably the heaviest kilt we have ever had. So perfect in every way SOLD View
Kilt243 Ancient Bruce 40/42 24.5 Good kilt SOLD View
Kilt239 US Marines tartan 40/42 27 Thomas Gordon (officers kiltmaker) new pleated to yellow stripe so wonderful when the pleats swing. So very heavy SOLD View
Kilt220 Cameron of Erracht 40/42 25.75 Wow what a rare find! So original even with basting stitches in place. Such a rare military kilt in 22 oz cloth SOLD View
Kilt286 Maclaine of Lochbuie 40/42 25.5 Simply great. Pleated to the yellow stripe. Never worn . SOLD View
Kilt289 Mackenzie 40/42 24 Wow a very rare beast! 22 oz cloth and we think 10 yards. Great vintage kilt and the heaviest kilt we have ever had ! SOLD View
Kilt364 MacDonald 40/42 24 Great 16oz new kilt. Such great value. Matching kilt in size 42 too ! SOLD View
Kilt217 Nicholson 41 /44 24 long straps! £215 View
Kilt525 Tbc 41 43 24 Lovely tartan which currently eludes us. Nice well made kilt £189 View
Kilt405 Anc Maclean of Duart 41 43 24 Lovely vintage rosy soft pink hue. Very small professional mends This is one of our very favourites £235 View
Kilt406 MacDonald of Boisdale 41 43 23.5 Generally enjoyed over the years but such good quality Specially woven tartan too More weathered autumnal colour than photos £209 View
Kilt407 Army Staff Officer Gordon 41 43 24 Ex Gordon Highlanders Senior Officer kilt. Pleated to the military stripe of course. Wonderful as new.Superfine cloth but such a weight,. Cost £785 £499 View
Kilt420 Islay tweed kilt 41 43 24 Such a wonderfully rare rich Islay tweed kilt. As new. Superb. Even has organic leather straps too. Such quality. Ask for photos £239 View
Kilt435 Modern Mackay 41 43 24.25 Lovely kilt only used for two weddings. Nice clean well made kilt . Feels as if it's just arrived from the bespoke kiktmaker! £185 View
Kilt451 Anc Sutherland 41 43 25.5 Wow. A rare Anc Sutherlsnd kilt made by the Officers kiltmaker Thomas Gordon THE military tailor. We think 1960s but great condition. Special weave. Family heirloom piece. Ask for pics SOLD View
Kilt477 Mod Hunting McIntyre 41 43 23.5 Wonderfully kilt with belted plaid made Duncan Chisholm and tartan hose too. Very top of DC range . Socks cost £120 alone Comm £255 View
Kilt241 Mod Macrae 41 44l 24 Great new kilt which cost nearly £550 £215 View
Kilt219 Ancient Lamont 41/43 24.5 Super heavy clean kilt, hardly worn.Great colours Also have bespoke Lamont day sporran as per photo SOLD View
Kilt218 Anct Murray of Loch Avich ? 41/43 25 Clan Albanach S Queensferry £200 View
Kilt284 Army Saffron 1964 41/43 24 Relined and in fab condition. So very rare to find a good Saffron in this noble size!! £295 View
Kilt321 MacDonald 41/43 24.5 Good condition SOLD View
Kilt335 Macleod Modern Hunting 41/43 25.5 A really good Hector Russell kilt. Worn three times since new and so mint condition ! SOLD View
Kilt340 Modern Blue Ramsey 41/43 23 Another beautiful Locharron kilt. Great weight.. Bargain as it costs £475 to have made ! SOLD View
Kilt356 Campbell of Argyll 41/43 25.75 Wow! Bespoke made by Kinloch Anderson the Royal Family kiltmakers. Named to client 11 December 1980 SOLD View
Kilt343 Templar 42 / 4 24 Very nice unusual tartan; good red hue. Came to us at a good figure so we can offer it at a very good sale price SOLD View
Kilt240 Dress MacDuff 42 44 26 great heavy kilt and lovely dress tartan colours SOLD View
Kilt215 Ancient Hunting Stewart 42 44 25.5 Nice kilt made by Clan Albach of Queensferry £175 View
Kilt442 Sutherland 42 44 24.5 A simply wonderful kilt and fly plaid by Northeye. A wee specialist kilt maker so small and bespoke they do not have or indeed need a website. One of the v nicest kilts we have ever had £212 View
Kilt492 MacLeod of Harris 42 44 24 Such a nice well made kilt by Duncan Chisholm of Inverness . Always such a nice tartan but these hues are particularly splendid . £175 View
Kilt397 Gunn 42 44 24 Fabulous kilt in the lovely Gunn tartan made by the highly respected bespoke tailors Stewart Christie of Edinburgh SOLD View
Kilt463 Ancient Buchanan 42 44 24.5 Bespoke made by the renowned John Morrison of Edinburgh for customer with his name on label. Always a sign of top quality . Cost £650 today Glorious SOLD View
Kilt393 Hunting Stewart 42 44 25 Great example of Hunting Stewart from Lawnmarket Edinburgh tailors. Good vibrant example and great pleats too. Wee white mark is from the camera SOLD View
Kilt443 Sutherland 42 44 24.5 A simply wonderful kilt and fly plaid by Northeye. A wee specialist kilt maker so small and bespoke they do not have or indeed need a website. One of the v nicest kilts we have ever had SOLD View
Kilt450 Black with feint grey 42 44 24 We rarely stock black kilts but we think this one from MacGregor and Macduff with it's faint grey sett is most stylish . Ask for photos SOLD View
Kilt465 Tba Macleod ? 42 44 23 What a nice vintage kilt. Has that been in the family look rather than too crisply new. Lovely hues. Do ask for photo £165 View
Kilt360 Murray of Atholl Old Colours 42.5/4 24.5 Good heavy kilt from MacDonald Mackay of Glasgow. Nicely made and great pleats SOLD View
Kilt283 Hunting Stewart 42/44 23.75 Nice kilt! SOLD View
Kilt382 Robertson 42/44 24.75 Such a nicely made kilt SOLD View
Kilt328 Maclenon / Logan 42/44 24 New; uncollected order. Very heavy kilt. Great colours Just look at the photo and you will see exactly what we mean SOLD View
Kilt332 Cameron of Locheil 42/44 25 Lovely colours (more mellow than photo). Stunning 9.5 yards thus very heavy . Mint condition Dee Kiltmakers, Peterculter, Aberdeen. Hate to sell ! £385 View
Kilt383 Isle of Skye 42/44 25 Such great colours Please ask for a photo SOLD View
Kilt365 MacDonald 42/44 24 Great new 16 oz kilt. Wonderful value. Matching kilt in size 40 too! SOLD View
Kilt394 Ancient Gordon 43 45 24 Such a well made kilt. Looks just how a proper kilt should be and the cut is so good. Made by the respected Clan Crois SOLD View
Kilt474 Royal Stewart 43 45 23 Moss Bros made. 14oz cloth. Nice starter kilt . So very cheap as it came into us with another kilt! Felted wool so nice feel to it £85 View
Kilt216 Ancient Buchanan 43/45 26 Hector Russell. Pristine mint condition and lovely weight SOLD View
Kilt331 Black Watch 43/46 24 solid heavy kilt unlike so BWs we are offered but refuse. Tailored by McCalls of Aberdeen, good tailors SOLD View
Kilt391 Red Maxwell ? 44 46 24.75 Great kilt. Pleats shown. Tartan wee bit darker than shown. Wee white is from the camera of course. One of the best made and heaviest kilts we have SOLD View
Kilt424 Mackenzie 44 46 26 A mighty kilt for mighty man of at least 6 feet two inches. Bought in well so a guid price for a buyer. Always such a nice tartan 14oz cloth Here £149 View
Kilt445 Campbell of Argyll 44 46 24 Nice weight. Great hues. We bought in well so hence the truly wonderful price . Just email us for a photo £168 View
Kilt322 Menzies Hunting Muted 44/46 22 + flashes Brand new heavy kilt by John Morrison tailor of Edinburgh. One of Scotlands best kiltmakers. You can always tell his kilts by the quality sold View
Kilt281 Black Watch 44/46 21.25 short drop but just right for someone out there! SOLD View
Kilt282 Baird 44/46 25.5 very well made and just wonderful purple and blue heather colours that glow out at you SOLD View
Kilt329 Ancient Gordon 44/46 23+ Tailored by Piob Mhor. Two asets of buckles so could be bigger/smaller in addition to usual 4" and hemmed so could be 24" drop £165 View
Kilt373 McDunlop 44/46 24 Great hues to the kilt pic to follow So very nice to have the matching tartan flashes too and indeed they would have cost £15 SOLD View
Kilt440 Ancient Green Douglas 45 47 24 Another well cut kilt by the great John Morrison of Edinburgh. We like his tailoring . Just ask for photo £180 View
Kilt524 Tbc 45 47 23 Such a good solid kilt in a lovely tartan that currently eludes us £179 View
Kilt214 Ancient MacDonald 45/47 23.5 Locharron 13 oz kilt. New uncollected order SOLD View
Kilt395 Davidson 46 48 24 Nice kilt and nice tartan. What more can a chap want? £179 View
Kilt213 Gordon 46/48 24.5 new ! Lovely weight and swings so well SOLD View
Kilt376 Forbes 46/48 25.5 Lovely well made kilt. A wonderful weight where the pleats hang as one. Very nice indeed SOLD View
Kilt480 Blue Ramsay 47 49 24 Blue Ramsay pleated to the stripe is one of the nicest sights. Combine that with a well made tailoring and you have the very essence of a great kilt £189 View
Kilt439 Ancient Royal Stewart 48 50 23.5 Such a well cut kilt made by the famous John Morrison of Edinburgh whose tailoring we constantly and greatly admire. A noble size. Please ask for photo SOLD View
Kilt532 Graham of Montrose 51 54 26 A noble wonderfully made. 9 yard yes 9 yard kilt in one of our favourite tartans Normally noble kilts lack quality but certainly not here £179 View